Winter: Design Objectives

May 18, 2011

Winter is a game about isolation, desolation, inevitability. It is a game meant to provoke an emotional reaction in the players, providing them a new perspective from which they can appreciate the relative comforts of their existence. It is a reminder of mortality – something to rail against and something to accept.

Design goals:

  • It is clear to me that the ratio of Health and Hope to the length of a tour must be adjusted, as well as possibly the numbers for the results of volunteering for a mission. The game needs to provide a sense of the inevitability of death, and right now it is too easy to survive or escape.
  • That said, I would like to incorporate the concept of desertion. I’m not sure where it fits, but I think a desertion scene will probably be added at some point in this second round of design.
  • I still very much want to include map-making and drawing into this game; I am not certain whether it should be a mechanical element of the game or simply an exhortation to draw.
This, and draft one, is my starting point. Much editing to do, as well, but these are the forward push.

One Response to “Winter: Design Objectives”

  1. Chris Says:

    Yay! I am much excited!

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