Winter: (dis)organizing my thoughts

January 4, 2011

The idea for Winter came to me when I remembered the old soldier’s saw “never volunteer.” Now, I am generally in favor of light-hearted fun and cheerfulness, but I thought a game about the desolation and cynicism implied by that sentiment – never volunteer – might be interesting. Something about engaging with the breadth of human experience and all that.

The basic premise is pretty simple: you, and possibly some friends, pretend to be soldiers in the trenches of World War I (it doesn’t really matter when, but WWI is where I’m drawing my inspiration). It is winter time, and you’re just trying to survive. No big offensives, no blundering tanks – hell, not even any mud.

My major metagame goals are: create a space in which to explore the limits of one’s humanity, remind us why we value other people, 1+ playable (with equal fun).

Bonus points: interesting by-products of play (e.g., maps, journal entries, etc), engage with right hemisphere (e.g., incorporate mechanical effects from images, music, etc).

More to come soon!

Infoporn: Bertolt Brecht once wrote, in Life of Galileo “Only by crawling on his belly can an unpopular and troublesome man get a job that leaves him enough free time.”


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