The Establishment

November 23, 2008

So, I have many passions. One that is overriding is a fondness for community. One sunny day (rainy afternoon? wintry evening? foggy morning?), I realized that this passion for community could easily be COMBINED with my many other passions. From this realization came the birth of my greatest invention of all time: The thing-for-which-I-have-not-yet-found-a-snazzy-one-word-description. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I like books. I like tea. I like theater and other performing arts. Why not combine all of these things into one great space?

In the basement is a full-featured theater which can double as a dance club. Tech Booth doubles as DJ booth, and seats can be extracted (somehow) creating a dancefloor that spills up onto the stage. This allows for awesome parties or concerts, but also for people to do community theater-type things.

The first floor is a cafe and bookshop. We stock interesting books, and can order other books for you. The idea is to stimulate people’s brains, rather than give them a comprehensive selection of stuff. People are welcome to take books off the shelves and read them, and there is a specifically “hang out for as long as you want” policy, as long as you aren’t harassing other customers. The cafe also has an open mic on occasion, for more acoustic-y type things, poetry readings and the like.

The idea would be to encourage people to come and hang out, building community and encouraging a popular involvement in cultural development. I think it would probably be run like a non-profit: meant to sustain and promote the arts rather than really earn a massive amount of money. For that reason, I imagine it would be something that I would take up after whatever my main career is, although these days I begin to wonder if I shouldn’t just cut to the good stuff.

The beauty of this business is that it could easily be established in a large city, becoming a neighborhood focal-point, or anything smaller than that down to a fairly small town, where it might be a major gathering point and tourist attraction of some sorts.

By encouraging and promoting local creative endeavors, and by bringing outside artists and performers in, this business could single-handedly develop an arts enclave, while acting as a mediator between “The Artists” and “The Townsfolk” hopefully by showing each that they have much in common with the other. With “civic betterment” as its primary purpose, I imagine that this business of mine could eventually expand into other socially beneficial projects, from adult literacy programs to food drives and any number of other philanthropic pursuits.

Oh! Also! I thought that perhaps this establishment could welcome individual artists or performers to serve as artist-in-residence for short periods of time. Ideally, these artists would receive food, housing, and perhaps a small stipend, in exchange for local outreach projects – such as arts seminars at materials cost, or “public beautification” projects. More of the same advantages, clearly.

Alright, that’s kind of disorganized, but it’s good enough for me.

Random Fact: “Alan Smithee” is a psuedonym used by directors who feel they have been stifled in their creative control of a film; it requires compelling proof that the director was prevented from exercising creative control over the project, as monitored by the Directors Guild of America.


One Response to “The Establishment”

  1. themetaphor Says:

    we came up with this together! good idea, my friend. good idea.

    you’d be everyone’s favorite person.

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