A Vacation Spot

November 15, 2008

So, as some of you may know, and some of you may not, I have a word that I reserve for people with whom I feel a special bond. That word is “tribe.” I feel it reflects the relatively primitive protective instincts I feel, and the sense – regardless of actual common interests or opinions – that there is some common understanding, some neutral ground on which nothing is disputed between us. It is a somewhat familial bond; whether related by blood or no, these are the people to whom I feel a deep-seated attachment, a sort of unconditional trust and respect. This idea of a “tribe” has been especially accentuated by my time here in the UK, because of a near total alienation between myself and many of those around me who I consciously choose to conceive of as my comrades, my fellow women and men.

Despite the acute loss of being separated from those I identify as my tribe, I have found something akin to it here. Some of you who have heard me ramble about the Wychwood Warriors no doubt could see this coming, but the Oxford University Historical Reenactment Society (or the Wychood Warriors as they known on unofficial documents), has provided me with something of a tribe-away-from-tribe.

Now all of this build-up was supposed to send us in a different direction, and I see that I’ve taken up half of my 500 words already, so I’m going to quickly steer this article in a different direction, and try to get out my idea as succinctly as possible: I think we should follow in the footsteps of Wychwood and do some kind of a retreat-y thing.

Wow, that was exceptionally incoherent, even for me. I’ll try again: Wychwood takes a yearly retreat, where, for a week, they take over a little village in York, and just sorta… hang out. Well, I’m not doing much better in terms of coherence, but I’ll press on. I think we should find a way to gather periodically, renew the bonds of friendship, drink a lotta beer, eat some stew, and hit each other with big sticks. Or, some variation thereupon.

Ok, I’m giving up on this one. I blame the lameness of this post on the fact that I am writing it in the middle of preparing for a weekend retreat with those self-same Wychwooders. I’ll report about it upon my return. Who knows, maybe it’s a really bad idea?

Random Thought (this time a quote): “You don’t get better from death!”

And… of course… please comment!


One Response to “A Vacation Spot”

  1. Celine Says:

    Hey Jesus,

    Wish I had more time to read this, but keep it up – and enjoy traveling! I’ve found there are few better things to write about…

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